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YES, THAT IS RIGHT. ONLY $400. FOR THIS INCREDIBLE LARGE SOLID PINE CHEST! For years, this size/style of chest never sold for less than $2000. in the shops. If you are looking for a large pine chest for storage, come view this beauty. This early solid pine bonnet chest is over 140 years old, from the Victorian period. This piece is flawless! Still in fantastic condition and offering lots of storage as the dimensions suggest. 48" w x 23" deep at base; 47" tall. HEAVILY REDUCED! MUST GO, NOW ONLY $400.
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solid pine bookshelf.jpg wardrobe-1.jpg wardrobe-2.jpg wardrobe-3.jpg wardrobe-4.jpg wardrobe-5.jpg wardrobe-6.jpg wardrobe-7.jpg wardrobe-8.jpg wardrobe-9.jpg wardrobe-10.jpg wardrobe-11.jpg