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CLEARANCE: A very early two door solid mahogany wardrobe, imported from Europe. Top quality, with lovely raised panels of select grains. Comes apart for easy transport. Good functional depth. Main body is 50.5"wide (53.5"w at crown) x 22" deep (23.5"d at crown) x 83.25" tall. Reg$ 3450. NOW ONLY $1995.
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DA004-1.JPG DA004-2.JPG DA004-3.JPG solid pine bookshelf.jpg wardrobe-1.jpg wardrobe-2.jpg wardrobe-3.jpg wardrobe-4.jpg wardrobe-5.jpg wardrobe-6.jpg wardrobe-7.jpg wardrobe-8.jpg wardrobe-9.jpg wardrobe-10.jpg wardrobe-11.jpg