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AF042 Canadian 30's era SOLID WALNUT console table, superb quality, 36” w x 16 1/4” D x 32 1/2” tall. ON CLEARANCE NOW, REDUCED TO $275.
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AF042-1.JPG canadian magazine holder-1.jpg canadian magazine holder-2.jpg canadian magazine holder-3.jpg canadian magazine holder-4.jpg canadian magazine holder-5.jpg LLoyd Loom hamper-1.jpg LLoyd Loom hamper-2.jpg LLoyd Loom hamper-3.jpg LLoyd Loom hamper-4.jpg LLoyd Loom hamper-5.jpg LLoyd Loom hamper-6.jpg LLoyd Loom hamper-7.jpg LLoyd Loom hamper-8.jpg LLoyd Loom hamper-9.jpg office desk-1.JPG office desk-3.JPG office desk-4.JPG st-915.jpg