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Own a part of Vancouver's Main Street history. Designed and installed along Main Street with the designation by the city as "Vancouver's Antique Row". Original commissioned artwork on aluminum panels by a recognized local artist. 30"x 72 VERY LARGE METAL PANELS WHICH HAVE ARTWORK ON BOTH SIDES! Some selection of the coloured signs to choose from (Sold only in two or more). PRICES RANGE FROM ONLY $60 TO $75. PER PANEL, depending on condition.
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3 panels-4-1.jpg antique porcelain fixutres-1.jpg antique porcelain fixutres-2.jpg ball-claw bathtub feet-1.jpg ball-claw bathtub feet-4.jpg ball-claw bathtub feet-5.jpg brass and nickel passage sets-1.jpg brass and nickel passage sets-3.jpg Latin swan tile-1.jpg Latin swan tile-2.jpg pair of arts & crafts tiles by Solon & Schemmel-1.jpg pair of arts & crafts tiles by Solon & Schemmel-2.jpg pair of arts & crafts tiles by Solon & Schemmel-3.jpg
pair of Italian tiles-1.jpg pair of Italian tiles-2.jpg pair of Italian tiles-3.jpg pair of Knight tiles-1.jpg pair of Knight tiles-2.jpg pair of Knight tiles-3.jpg pair of Knight tiles-5.jpg pair of ornate tiles-1.jpg pair of ornate tiles-2.jpg pair of panels-2-1.jpg pair of panels-3-1.jpg set of 6 door sets from France-1.jpg set of 6 random tiles-1.jpg set of 10 fleur de lis tiles-1.jpg set of 10 fleur de lis tiles-2.jpg set of 10 fleur de lis tiles-3.jpg
set of 12 green tiles-1.jpg set of 12 green tiles-2.jpg set of 12 green tiles-4.jpg various metal door passage sets-1.jpg various metal door passage sets-2.jpg white iron bathtub feet-1.jpg white iron bathtub feet-2.jpg window hardware-1.JPG