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antique porcelain fixutres-1.jpg
Large Selection of porcelain,brass,nickel,marble,and iron bathroom fixtures and accessories. Please contact us for pricing, as there are many pieces. CLEARANCE ON THESE ITEMS.
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antique porcelain fixutres-1.jpg antique porcelain fixutres-2.jpg ball-claw bathtub feet-1.jpg ball-claw bathtub feet-4.jpg ball-claw bathtub feet-5.jpg brass and nickel passage sets-1.jpg brass and nickel passage sets-3.jpg Latin swan tile-1.jpg Latin swan tile-2.jpg main street signs-1.JPG main street signs-2.JPG main street signs.JPG pair of arts & crafts tiles by Solon & Schemmel-1.jpg pair of arts & crafts tiles by Solon & Schemmel-2.jpg pair of arts & crafts tiles by Solon & Schemmel-3.jpg
pair of Italian tiles-1.jpg pair of Italian tiles-2.jpg pair of Italian tiles-3.jpg pair of Knight tiles-1.jpg pair of Knight tiles-2.jpg pair of Knight tiles-3.jpg pair of Knight tiles-5.jpg pair of ornate tiles-1.jpg pair of ornate tiles-2.jpg set of 6 door sets from France-1.jpg set of 6 random tiles-1.jpg set of 10 fleur de lis tiles-1.jpg set of 10 fleur de lis tiles-2.jpg set of 10 fleur de lis tiles-3.jpg set of 12 green tiles-1.jpg
set of 12 green tiles-2.jpg set of 12 green tiles-4.jpg various metal door passage sets-1.jpg various metal door passage sets-2.jpg white iron bathtub feet-1.jpg white iron bathtub feet-2.jpg window hardware-1.JPG