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main street signs-1.JPG
Own a part of Vancouver's Main Street history. Designed and install along Main Street with the designation by the city as "Vancouver's Antique Row". Original commissioned artwork on aluminum panels by a recognized local artist. 30"x 72" REDUCED TO SELL $125. per panel, (plus a few marked up ones for 75.00 each)
2709-1.jpg 2709-2.jpg 2709-3.jpg 2709-4.jpg 2709-5.jpg AA002.JPG AA003.JPG AA005.JPG AA006.JPG AA007.JPG AA008.JPG AA009.JPG AA010.JPG AA012.JPG AA013.JPG AA014.JPG AA015-1.JPG AA016-1.JPG main street signs-1.JPG main street signs-2.JPG main street signs.JPG