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Superb solid pine bonnet chest in fantastic condition, offering lots of storage. Victorian period, over 120 years old. 48" w x 23" deep at base; 47" tall. Take a good look ,this piece is flawless!!!! One of the nicest pieces I own. Superb buy at only $650; Such little money for this quality!
BC013-1.JPG BC013-2.JPG BC013-3.JPG BC013-4.JPG Laidlers mahogany chest-1.jpg Laidlers mahogany chest-2.jpg Laidlers mahogany chest-3.jpg Laidlers mahogany chest-4.jpg Laidlers mahogany chest-5.jpg Laidlers mahogany chest-6.jpg Laidlers mahogany chest-7.jpg Laidlers mahogany chest-8.jpg lingerie chest-1.jpg lingerie chest-2.jpg lingerie chest-3.jpg lingerie chest-4.jpg lingerie chest-5.jpg wardrobe-1.jpg wardrobe-2.jpg wardrobe-3.jpg wardrobe-4.jpg
wardrobe-5.jpg wardrobe-6.jpg wardrobe-7.jpg wardrobe-8.jpg wardrobe-9.jpg wardrobe-10.jpg wardrobe-11.jpg