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brs highboy-10.jpg
A fantastic 6pc. American mahogany bedroom suite, made by the Joerns Brothers Furniture Company. Joerns Brothers Furniture prospered in the 1940's and 1950's by manufacturing elegant and elaborate bedroom suites, which upscale retail furniture stores sold for close to the price of the median house prices which in the USA were approx $2900.(1940's) to $7000 in the 50's. My point is that these were (are) very high end pieces of furniture. This suite consists of a gentlemen's chest on chest, lowboy chest, ladies vanity c/w an ornate mirror, large highly carved wall mirror, bedside stand, and matching vanity stool. Please email for dimensions. NOVEMBER CLEARANCE ONLY $4250. FOR THE FULL 6pc SUITE.
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brs highboy-10.jpg brs lowboy-1.jpg brs lowboy-2.jpg brs lowboy-3.jpg brs lowboy-4.jpg brs mirror-1.jpg brs mirror-2.jpg brs mirror-3.jpg brs mirror-4.jpg brs nightstand-1.jpg brs nightstand-2.jpg brs nightstand-3.jpg brs nightstand-4.jpg brs nightstand-5.jpg brs nightstand-6.jpg Vanity-1.jpg
Vanity-2.jpg Vanity-3.jpg Vanity-4.jpg Vanity-5.jpg Vanity-6.jpg Vanity-7.jpg Vanity-7stool.jpg Vanity-8stool.jpg Vanity-9stool.jpg