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Superb antique mahogany cased Celebrate mantle clock. Running well. German made, late 1920's to early 1930's and marked with HAC crossed-arrows mark. The earlier Celebrates were made by HAC themselves before the take-over by Junghans. The movements 864 and 865 were an improvement from the earliest examples which use the Movement 64.
3902-1.jpg 3902-2.jpg 3902-3.jpg 3902-4.jpg 3902-8.jpg 3902-12.jpg 20171213_105738.jpg 20171213_105802.jpg 20171213_105810.jpg 20171213_105818.jpg 20171213_105829.jpg 20171213_105903.jpg 20171213_110036.jpg 20171213_110050.jpg 20171213_110135.jpg 20171213_110241.jpg AF003-1.JPG AF003-2.JPG AO003.JPG