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Superb antique mahogany cased Celebrate mantle clock. Westminster chime, jeweled works, all running well. German made, late 1920's to early 1930's and marked with HAC crossed-arrows mark. The earlier Celebrates were made by HAC themselves before the take-over by Junghans. The movements 864 and 865 were an improvement from the earliest examples which use the Movement 64. If you are looking for one of the best makes, this is it. $395.
3902-1.jpg 3902-2.jpg 3902-3.jpg 3902-4.jpg 3902-8.jpg 3902-12.jpg 20171213_105738.jpg 20171213_105802.jpg 20171213_105810.jpg 20171213_105818.jpg 20171213_105829.jpg 20171213_105903.jpg 20171213_110036.jpg 20171213_110050.jpg 20171213_110135.jpg 20171213_110241.jpg AF003-1.JPG AF003-2.JPG AO003.JPG