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A selection of cookie jars, all in good condition. From the USA and Japan, some vintage and some newer. Prices listed by order of photos: Kettle (McCoy) 55.00, Jug-SOLD, Stove (McCoy) 55.00, House 39.00, Grinder 49.00, House 29.00, Odd face 39.00,Orange 39.00 the pair-(just salt and pepper available), Modern e/ware-SOLD, Duck 45.00, Pig SOLD, Boy SOLD, Snowman 20.00 Buy one, or make an offer on all.
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4542d-2.jpg 4542d-3.jpg 4542d-4.jpg 4542d-5.jpg 4542e-1.jpg 4542e-2.jpg 4542e-3.jpg 4542e-4.jpg snowman cookie jar-1.jpg snowman cookie jar-2.jpg snowman cookie jar-4.jpg snowman cookie jar-5.jpg