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DB006 Top quality solid mahogany three tier server. Victorian, 1870's-80's; in good condition. 46 W x 22 D x 41 T Fantastic buy! REDUCED TO SELL $599.
DB006-1.JPG DB006-2.JPG DB006-3.JPG DD006-1.JPG DD006-2.JPG DD006-3.JPG DD006-4.JPG DD006-5.JPG DD006-6.JPG DD006-7.JPG DD006-8.JPG DD006-9.JPG Laidler solid oak table-1.jpg Pine wall cupboard-1.jpg Pine wall cupboard-2.jpg Pine wall cupboard-3.jpg Pine wall cupboard-4.jpg Pine wall cupboard-5.jpg Pine wall cupboard-6.jpg Pine wall cupboard-7.jpg Pine wall cupboard-9.jpg st-2577.JPG