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#1870 Wood and onyx torchiere floor lamp, (glass shade is gone). Lamp only $165.00
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1870-1.jpg 1870-2.jpg 1870-3.jpg 1870-4.jpg 1870-5.jpg 3934-1.jpg 3934-2.jpg AL007.JPG AL009.JPG AL010.JPG AL018.JPG AL020.JPG AL021-1.JPG AL022.JPG AL023.JPG AL024.JPG black marble based table lamp-1.jpg black marble based table lamp-2.jpg black marble based table lamp-3.jpg black marble based table lamp-4.jpg black marble based table lamp-5.jpg ceiling hanging shade fixture-1.jpg ceiling hanging shade fixture-2.jpg ceiling hanging shade fixture-4.jpg ceiling hanging shade fixture-5.jpg
ceiling hanging shade fixture-6.jpg ceiling hanging shade fixture-9.jpg ceiling hanging shade fixture-10.jpg ceiling hanging shade fixtures-1.jpg ceiling hanging shades-1.jpg chrome torchiere-1.jpg chrome torchiere-2.jpg chrome torchiere-3.jpg chrome torchiere-4.jpg chrome torchiere-5.jpg cream with floral and gold detail-1.jpg cream with floral and gold detail-2.jpg cream with floral and gold detail-3.jpg cream with floral and gold detail-4.jpg lg. table lamp-1.jpg lg. table lamp-2.jpg lg. table lamp-3.jpg pair of table lamps with lustres-1.jpg pair of table lamps with lustres-2.jpg pair of table lamps with lustres-3.jpg pair of table lamps with lustres-4.jpg st-1616.jpg st-lamps.JPG st-mul ceiling lamp.jpg