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Table oil lamps, electrified. All working, some c/w rheostats (dimmers). Ages range from the early 1900's and newer. All three ceramic base lamps are sold, as well as ornate cast brass sconce. Prices attached to following photos. Victorian cast brass stalk with cranberry oil bowl and chimney.$59.
black marble based table lamp-1.jpg black marble based table lamp-2.jpg black marble based table lamp-3.jpg black marble based table lamp-4.jpg black marble based table lamp-5.jpg convert oil lamps-1.jpg convert oil lamps-13.jpg convert oil lamps-14.jpg convert oil lamps-15.jpg convert oil lamps-16.jpg cream with floral and gold detail-1.jpg cream with floral and gold detail-2.jpg cream with floral and gold detail-3.jpg lg. table lamp-1.jpg lg. table lamp-2.jpg lg. table lamp-3.jpg livingroom lamp-1.jpg livingroom lamp-2.jpg livingroom lamp-3.jpg livingroom lamp-4.jpg livingroom lamp-5.jpg livingroom lamp-6.jpg vintage table lamps-1.jpg vintage table lamps-2.jpg vintage table lamps-3.jpg vintage table lamps-7.jpg vintage table lamps-8.jpg vintage table lamps-9.jpg