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AM009William Switzer Queen Anne style wall mirror; Custom crackle finish. Fantastic LARGE mirror at 58 3/4" w x 59" tall. There are a few remaining mirrors available that were floor models and canceled orders,etc. 80%PLUS OFF MANUFACTURERS LISTED RETAIL PRICE OF $4767. !!!!!! YEAR END BLOWOUT PRICE OF ONLY $800.FIRM
AM006-1.jpg AM006-2.jpg AM006-3.jpg AM009-1.jpg AM009-2.jpg AM010-1.jpg AM010-2.jpg AM010-3.jpg AM012-1.jpg AM012-2.jpg AM013-1.jpg AM013-2.jpg AM013-3.jpg AM014-1.jpg AM014-2.jpg AM016,AM017.jpg AM018-1.jpg
AM018-2.jpg AM026-1.JPG AM027.jpg  dresser top mirror-1.jpg  dresser top mirror-2.jpg  dresser top mirror-3.jpg  dresser top mirror-4.jpg  dresser top mirror-5.jpg  dresser top mirror-6.jpg  dresser top mirror-7.jpg  dresser top mirror-8.jpg oak framed mirror-1.jpg oak framed mirror-2.jpg oak framed mirror-3.jpg oak framed mirror-4.jpg oak framed mirror-5.jpg