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OD016 Oak secretaire or drop front desk from Austria, c/w 3 drawers in base and a top drawer. Nicely fitted interior, early 1900's. 42 1/2 W x 19 1/2 D x 56 1/4 H Great price, check it out! FINAL PRICE TO CLEAR $650.
4411-1.jpg 4411-2.jpg 4411-3.jpg 4411-4.jpg eastlake chest-1.jpg eastlake chest-2.jpg eastlake chest-3.jpg eastlake chest-4.jpg eastlake chest-5.jpg eastlake chest-6.jpg eastlake chest-7.jpg eastlake chest-8.jpg eastlake chest-9.jpg eastlake chest-10.jpg eastlake chest-11.jpg Krug desk chair-1.jpg Krug desk chair-2.jpg Krug desk chair-3.jpg Krug desk chair-4.jpg
Krug desk chair-5.jpg Krug desk chair-6.jpg Krug desk chair-7.jpg Krug desk chair-8.jpg oak desk .jpg OD016-1.JPG OD016-2.JPG OD016-3.JPG OD016-4.JPG OD016-5.JPG OF001-1.JPG OF001.JPG solid pine bookshelf.jpg st.3561-1.jpg