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#3561 Solid oak four drawer file cabinet, all dovetailed construction. 21.5"w x15.75"d x 15"tall. Each drawer is 8.5"wide (inside). REDUCED TO SELL $275.FIRM.
4411-1.jpg 4411-2.jpg 4411-3.jpg 4411-4.jpg 20170710_133937.jpg 20170710_134003.jpg 20170710_134053.jpg 20170710_134135.jpg 20170710_134204.jpg 20170710_134441.jpg 20170710_134518.jpg eastlake chest-1.jpg eastlake chest-2.jpg eastlake chest-3.jpg eastlake chest-4.jpg eastlake chest-5.jpg eastlake chest-6.jpg eastlake chest-7.jpg eastlake chest-8.jpg
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